April 19, 2010

No updates for the next week.

Fair warning - I will be gone for the next 7 days to the beautiful island of Kauai in Hawaii! The only downside to this (if there were actual downsides to this) is that I will not be able to game for that week. But honestly, I can take a week-break from gaming for this ;-)

More gaming updates to come next week!

April 12, 2010

It's Official!!!

I'm one of the newest members of the PMS clan - North American division of Modern Warfare 2 for the Xbox 360!!!

My official name in the clan registry and on the forums is now PMS Selisona, and I'll be changing my gamertag on Xbox Live shortly to match :D I've also been given a big sister (Yay PMS Enigma!) who has even invited me to join her small team (Omega Squad)! I'm probably going to take her up on the offer, since it would be a great introduction to small teams...but I do eventually want to join an official all-girl PMS small team. Omega Squad is a co-ed team, which both PMS and H2O division leaders agreed to, but it is not recognized as an official PMS/H2O team...the upside? It doesn't require 4 additional practice hours per week! Perfect for right now, when my schedule is going crazy <.<

That's all I have for right now - I'll be writing another post about the ex-Infinity Ward heads and their new company....oh drama, drama everywhere.

I'm such a nerd. I just received my PMS clan t-shirt and keychain in the mail today. Here are pictures!
(A little wrinkled, but there it is! "PMS Clan - Play like a girl" with the keychain laying on top)

(Back of shirt - "Selisona" my gamertag on the back! Official name is PMS Selisona)

::sigh:: I love it! It's nice to work hard at something and have it pay off :-) Now, I just need to find a video game convention/tournament to go to so I can represent my clan....

Also - I read an article today on the newly created enterprise called "Respawn Entertainment" - formed by the two ex-Infinity Ward employees Jason West and Vincent Zampella. Not only that, but they've partnered with EA, which I think is a great decision on both parts. EA seems to be having trouble competing with the various game franchises and developers nowadays, and so I believe that this may help to revitalize the company - and with a semi-powerhouse company like EA, Respawn may become a huge contender in the future as well. Activision's original claims that West and Zampella also seem to be true - that both the creative leads where secretly discussing a partnership is EA for a while now. Although I wholly disapprove of Activision's method of letting the two employees go, I find it interesting that these two men have bounced back so well - and so fast - and I only wonder if this situation will escalate into something more.

Off to do some shopping...in my new PMS Clan shirt!

April 7, 2010

WCG Ultimate Gamer

I watched the first episode of WCG Ultimate Gamer - Season 1 on Hulu.com last night...and boy, where do I begin....

First off - I had no idea how awesome Amy Brady is - not only is she one of the founders of the PMS clan (her gamertag "Athena" gave that away) but she's also a FRAG DOLL?! I knew her as Valkyrie (Frag Doll) instantly, but I had never seen a picture of "Athena" - co-founder of PMS - so I was pretty shocked and excited to see her on there. Obviously, she'd be a great contestant on the show :-)

Now, I'm all for a good competition - that's kind of an essential part of video gaming - but like any reality TV show, the developers/producers of WCG Ultimate Gamer couldn't help but add a little "drama" to the mix. For example, instead of giving the gamers their space, they decide to place all 12 in one loft for the duration of the show. I understand this concept (every other reality TV show does this), and I understand that good drama equals good TV, that ratings are all that matter in most cases, and that it's probably best to keep all the contestants under a proverbial 'lock & key'. But I think I would have been just as happy with a good old TV show about these gamers and their challenges, minus the "living together" part. Granted that's not a big part (yet), but I'm only 1 episode in.

Also, a friend of mine mentioned how it seemed unfair that some very good gamers lost the competition because of games like "Rock Band" or "DDR" - but I have to say that if you're going to be the "ULTIMATE" gamer, then you have to be good at all the different types of games...yet another reason why I won't apply for this; racing games will be the end of me (snowmobiles not an exception). Those, as well as sports games and "music" games like Rock Band and DDR....all of which I'm horrible at :-/

In light of all this, I still find the show somewhat interesting. I'm planning to watch the other 7 episodes (eventually, as things are busy again), and I'm eager to see more of how the show (and contestants) characterize gamers and the gaming community. 

 Also, I find it hilarious that one of the male contestants noted that all the girl gamers on the show were "relatively attractive" and that he couldn't think of them as "serious" gamers. - I'll need to think about that statement a little more, as I'm sure there is a good theory I could pull out of this...

And finally - this is my fourth and final week of PMS Recruitment. I've already submitted my PMS name to my recruitment manager, and even that has been approved (yay!). Now, if only I could find a Big Sister....