May 3, 2010

I have returned!

I'm finally back from my vacation to Hawaii (and then some) and I have a whole list of things to discuss. I think I'll make it easier for my readers and break each section into different posts...starting with the one about HAWAII!

I know, it's not game-related...but I can't help but share how amazing Hawaii was. My boyfriend and I traveled to Kauai, one of the more remote islands of Hawaii, and we had a blast. I would love to post all my pictures here, but I don't think the Blogger site would be happy with 1,000+ uploaded pictures. So, here are just a few :D

(Japanese Garden at the Honolulu Airport)

(First waterfall of the trip - after an hour horseback ride)

(Horseback Ride!)

(Na Pali Coast from our Sunset Cruise)

("Secret Falls" after a 2.5 mile kayak trip and a 1 mile hike)

(Sunset view from dinner)

(View from our Villa at the Nihi Kai - in my new PMS shirt!)

Overall - had a great time, got to take some great pictures, and one girl even commented on my PMS Clan shirt. I think it was a definite win!

Next post: The Washington D.C. 48 Hour Film Project!

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  1. such beautiful pictures!! so glad you had a great time :-)