June 14, 2010

Mixed Emotions

At long last, I have returned! Sorry for the delay – I’ve been quite busy, as we all have, but fear not! Gaming is still a top priority of mine, and due to recent events I’m more determined than ever to continue this blog, share my (womanly) thoughts on gaming, and continue to train with the PMS clan.

I’d like to cover a number of items in this post, including my thoughts on recent Frag Doll announcements, my plans for PAX PRIME, and my ideas and concerns over starting a Video Blog. Commence Operation: Mixed Emotions!

Frag Doll Announcements
As some of you know, I’ve wanted to be a Frag Doll for the longest time…and now more recently, a Frag Doll Cadette. I’ve applied once to the Frag Doll Cadette program, but I wasn’t chosen to be one of the lucky 12 for the Spring 2010. I’ll be applying again in the Fall (if they decide to continue recruiting girls for 6month internships) and I’ve already thought of a few ideas to make this application video better than the last.

Recently, the Frag Dolls announced the addition of two new Frag Dolls (and I mean FRAG DOLLS, not Cadettes). I read this announcement with mixed emotions – on one hand, I’m happy to see that the Frag Dolls are letting new women join. On the other hand, I continue to see others achieve one of my greatest goals. Luckily, I’ve turned these “mixed emotions” into fuel for both my career and creative endeavors. I now have a whole list of things to strive for, and my resolve for getting better in competitive gaming is at an all-time high.

Side note: Congratulations Siren and Glitch! Please know that we’re all very happy for you…if not just a little jealous ;-)

PAX Prime
I'm buying my tickets soon! I'm very excited, as this will be my first video game convention ever! I hope to compete in some of the tournaments there, meet some very interesting industry experts (and fans), test out some new games, and explore Seattle, Washington. Now...I just need to figure out the plane ride and hotel space... :-) If anyone else is going - please let me know! I'd love to meet up and say HI!

Video Blog
I'm playing with the idea of starting a Video Blog. My only real concerns with starting this is 1. having the time to create, film, and edit "posts" and 2. having these "posts" be interesting and entertaining enough for people to watch. I do feel, however, that having a Video Blog would 1. force me to come up with regular updates and 2. would get me to be much more relaxed on camera. I've had a little more experience being on film within the past year, but I'm nowhere near where I want to be.

So...perhaps I will try this Video Blog idea that I have. I probably won't be able to put up any Video posts until a while from now, as I still need to obtain video editing software and a camera... Oh, and words of encouragement are very welcome :-D



  1. I would definitely watch that! Especially if it also showed screens of games you're playing and cool glitches or moves.

  2. Thanks Lauren! I'm hoping to make some videos on in-game play, but I also have a few, more creative, ideas in mind.... :D

    I hope all is well with you!

  3. I'm going! We should share a room in Seattle, and save us both some money.