July 7, 2010

Love [CG Style]

I usually don't write about this kind of stuff - but I read a blog post recently (written by an amazing woman and dear friend) about love and, specifically, favorite famous couples. I've decided to write a similar blog post about my favorite Video Game Couples (sappy, I know). So, here we go! (In no particular order...except for this first one)

Tidus and Yuna from Final Fantasy X
Nothing says True Love like Tragedy. Tragic romances are certainly my favorite, and the love story of Yuna and Tidus is no exception. I certainly don't want to give away the story here, but it is well worth playing the 80+ hours of Final Fantasy X just to find out what happens to these two reluctant love birds. Not to mention that they have one of the most beautiful love themes - I consider both Suteki Da Ne and To Zanarkand their themes, To Zanarkand being my favorite (Listen here!)

Zelda & Link from The Legend of Zelda
I don't know a single gamer who doesn't love, or at least know of the love story between the elf-boy Link and the Princess Zelda. Classic and timeless; a young boy gifted with strength, determination, and a sweet set of weapons is chosen to save the land of Hyrule and its Princess, Zelda, from the evil Gannondorf. "Zelda: A Link to the Past" was one of the first games I ever beat, and being the impressionable young girl that I was, I couldn't help but love the game and the couple the story centered around. Ah, young love :-)

Nate Drake and Elena Fisher from Uncharted
What's not to love about this couple? He's the sexy 'tomb raider', she's the cute but gutsy reporter, and both kick some serious booty. Nothing spells romantic like a nice night searching for hidden treasure while dodging traps, encountering big bad baddies and engaging in mass shootouts....::sigh:: Some girls have all the fun...

Dart and Shana from The Legend of Dragoon
Such a sweet story! A love that grows between childhood friends... after Dart returns from a war to find that Shana has been taken away for mysterious reasons. Did I mention that they get to turn into neat Dragoons with sweet armor and wings? Oh, and don't listen to those haters talking about how this is a carbon copy of FFVII, they just don't get it ;-)

Wakka and Lulu from Final Fantasy X
I like this relationship, if only because it makes little sense. He is the happy-go-lucky Blitzball jock and she's the gothic magic caster....so how'd they get together? I dunno, but I like this representation of opposite-attraction.

Serge and Kid from Chrono Cross
In one world he was meant to die...but in another, he was meant to fight, search for a long-lost past, switch bodies with the big baddie, and of course - fall in love! A story about what should have been and what is...Twilight could learn a thing or two from this couple (just kidding ladies, just kidding...)

Amy and Raphael from Soul Calibur
What is one thing that I love more than fencing? It's a slightly creepy, slightly disturbed, possibly undead fencing couple! Raphael, the gentleman fencer turned vampire, has decided to take a young woman, Amy, under his wing....to which he trains her to fight and at one point, even promises to change the world for her so that she might fit in...creepy, but I love it!

Lu Bu and Diao Chan from Dynasty Warriors (and history)
Now this is a power couple. An invincible general of warn-torn China who falls in love with a servant girl and ends up killing the man he considered his "father" for her (among other reasons)....ahhh, such a love as to be known throughout history as the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms."

Largo and Jann from Valkyria Chronicles
As much as I would love for these two to be an item...they're not. But, anyone who has played Valkyria Chronicles should get the reference.  "Oh Largo, you're the only man for me!"

Well, that's all for my favorite video game couples. But which ones did I miss? Let me know :-)


  1. i love the Lu Bu and Diao Chan one so much

  2. I came across this post looking for an image of Yuna and Tidus for my own post about Love in Young Adult Fiction :D Tragic love is also one of my favorites, and even though Serge never spoke in Chrono Cross, I still like the idea of him and Kid. On that note, I think their interactions are adorable and hilarious in Radical Dreamers.

  3. AderuMoro - I have to agree with you! Serge and Kid are one of my favorite couples :D I'm going to look for your post to read up on what you think!

  4. FFX no is tragic, Tidus regret in the FFX-2 as a real person! It's so amazing!

  5. lu bu and diao chan, this is the perfect couple. lu bu gave his everything to protect her...even his life...