August 25, 2010

RIP Franz Vonlichten/E.S. Posthumus

Although not directly gaming related, I had to post something about this. I have been a fan of E.S. Posthumus for years after I instantly fell in love with their first CD "Unearthed." My love for their compositions and musical expression deepened with "Cartographer," and I even claimed one track as my 'theme.' Even in gaming, I have chosen to go by the gamertag "Selisona" in honor of my favorite E.S. Posthumus song "Selisona Pi." If you enjoy music that stimulates the imagination and soul, then please listen.

Wow, just listening to it again brings tears to my eyes. This song was my anthem as I battled my way through college, tested my fortitude by joining a sorority and a fraternity, found myself through hip-hop dance and fought for my very own fencing club. I'm deeply saddened to know that one half of this unforgettable team is now gone, and I fear that I may never hear music quite like this again.

::Sigh:: I may just be emotional right now...but my deepest condolences go out to Helmut Vonlichten and the Vonlichten family. Rest In Peace Franz, and in turn, Rest In Peace E.S. Posthumus.

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  1. I always like the power in their songs like in Tikal and Unstoppable. You did fencing? dam that sounds fun i never had the funds to do anything like that here other than use wooden swords covered in a little foam and fight my friends which usually meant getting rather sore hands after a while.