October 18, 2010

Video Blog #2 - New York Comic Con 2010

1. Still getting used to doing Video Blogs, hence they don't have any real 'purpose' yet.

2. Please pardon the poor camera quality and instability - walking and talking are obviously not my strong points.

3. Look at all the pretty, nerdy things!


  1. Random question - what is your favorite word?

  2. Favorite word? I'm not sure that I have one...what about you, and why do you ask?

  3. So it isn't bird?

    Cause I heard that bird bird bird b-b-b-bird is the word!

  4. Some funny moments and some great shots! Good job!

    I would have preferred to watch a shorter video, or maybe a couple short videos with clear subjects (like "Getting into Comic Con," and "The MJ Experience"), but you're definitely getting better at editing, and less camera shy!

  5. Thanks Jason!

    I know I still have a long way to go, but glad I got your seal of approval on this one!