October 23, 2009

Training Day 5

My "training" for the Fragdolls officially began on Monday, October 19, when I purchased used copies of Unreal Tournament 3 (UT3) and Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (R6V2) for the PS3. I hear that R6V2 is currently in popular demand, which will make it much easier to find players online (or at least find an assortment of skill levels). I had to get Unreal Tournament, if only because I was such a fan of it growing up. That, and Quake 2...but that's for a later post.

Initially I gravatated toward UT3 first, since I'm more familiar with that style of first person shooter. It felt good to get back into the "jump around and shoot people as fast as you can" scenarios. You can imagine the shock I had when I switched over to play R6V2. My player style (at this point in time) is what I like to call "run-n-gun." As my best friend can attest, I'm always the player to run into a fight guns blazing, die, respawn, rinse and repeat (I blame all the Doom/Duke Nukem/Quake playing in elementary/middle school). R6V2 is very difficult for me, as I imagine any tactical shooter would be. I have to hide behind cover? I have team mates? I have to help them when they get shot? Yet my initial response to this game has worn off, and now I find myself playing R6V2 far more than UT3.

Slowly but surely, I'm getting more comfortable with R6V2. I'm playing through the story mode (currently at the convention center - Act 4 Scene 1 I believe), and the little girl in me gets excited every time I "unlock" something. I wonder if girls like this aspect more than boys in video games? In any event, I feel that this game is a short play...perhaps the true catch is the multiplayer function. After I complete the story mode, I may work up the courage to try an online game....maybe.

Games: Unreal Tournament 3, Rainbow 6 Vegas 2
System: PlayStation 3
Tag: Kimmington


  1. I'm not really surprised that you're prefering R6V2. UT3 was a huge letdown for me, as well as one of my friends who played UT2k4 professionally. In attempting to balance the game, Epic succeeded only in making it slower and clumsier than its predecessor.

    Out of curiosity, do either of the games do cross-platform multiplayer?

  2. 1. Everytime I read UT3, I initially see UTI (urinary tract infection.) Sorry, I am going to be a doctor in 3 1/2 years.

    2. Kim being tactical? Whoaaaa - don't completely kill my tank - I need her for co-op excersions :D

    3. Let me train with you when I get home. Training. TRAAAAINING!


  3. Sean - I have no idea about the cross-platform multiplayer. I'll definitely have to look into that, as that would be super exciting.

    Jess - Love is you. Of course you'll train with me :D

  4. Unfortunately, one of my other PS3-owning friends has informed me that there isn't cross-platform compatibility.

    However, if you're feeling nostalgic, I fire up Quake 2 and 3 every once in awhile.