October 26, 2009

Training Day 8

It's been roughly a week since I've started my training for the Fragdolls, and I can say confidently that it is going well. I just purchased a headset for the PS3 today, mainly as motivation for me to get online and play with real people. I'm super nervous about doing that since I have my honors theory (which I may describe in a later post - or if you know me in person I may have explained it to you) but I also know that I'm nowhere near as good a player as those who play online. Still, it's really the only way to get better...I can only destroy bots for so long. ;-D

I played a little R6V2, UT3, and Halo 3 today. I'm definitely getting better at R6V2 - or at least I'm consciously using my AI team mates (very tactical of me). To be honest, I'm quite impressed with the game. The storyline is weak, but it's fun to hide behind cover and take my time completing levels. I continue to surprise myself in UT3, too. It makes me happy to know that I've retained some of the instinctive skills I learned as a kid. I know that UT3 is often looked upon as a "cheap" game, where one can get "lucky" with one-shot kills, or at least just shooting in the general area of your opponent...but it's certainly not meant to be a realistic game. Fun, fast, and gory - which is fine with me, since sometimes R6V2 is a little too realistic for me.

Oh, Halo...what a love/hate relationship I have with thee. You would think that if you're decent at one FPS, you'd be decent at all the others... NOT the case. It seems that I'm stuck in Halo - no matter how much I shoot at my opponent, he doesn't die! And unlike in most FPSs that I play, I actually aim at the head. It is a much slower game too...I mean, the deaths/respawns are fast and the game is smoother (in comparison with UT3), but you can only run so fast with all that armor on. Well...I'm sure Halo will grow on my as I play more.

Overall, it was a good training day. :-D


  1. I couldn't help but notice that today's xkcd comic also deals with the plight of a girl gamer as she faces her enemies in online play.

    www.xkcd.com/654 ; )

    (and if this is your first time there, just ignore the page layout, it's an homage/parody of the old geocities websites, since geocities is shutting down today)

    Keep training!

  2. I just reinstalled the PC version of Halo. I was immediately reminded of why I don't play Halo. Too slow for me--I'm AWFUL at slow shooters.

    Your other post kind of inspired me to give UT3 another chance, though, and I'm glad I did. The most recent patches, as well as the Titan Pack, have made it a MUCH better game. I still think the weapon balance is completely off-kilter, but the online matches I've played have been fun. It's kind of growing on me.

  3. One can easily spot the slowness between PC FPS and their console brethren if one plays them constantly back to back. It's like comparing a garbage truck to a race car. You can blame their interfaces for that.