January 20, 2010

Frag Doll Cadette applications are out!

Hello all!

I apologize for the delay - it's been quite an exciting time for me! I've started a new job, welcomed a new puppy into my family, and have spent some very-much-needed time with those who are dear to me. And for even more exciting news - The Frag Dolls are accepting Cadette applications!!! I'm not excited at all :-D

According to the Frag Doll website [here], submissions need to include the following:

  1. A resume - complete with work and school experience
  2. A 2 page history of your background in gaming, what consoles you play on, and favorite games
  3. A 3 minute video interview answering these questions: Favorite thing about playing video games, What would make you a great Cadette, and Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Honestly, this was not the application I had envisioned for this program. I was expecting a much lengthier application in which you were required to submit headshots, essays about gaming and women in the gaming world, and your gaming statistics. The actual application seems much more general - not that I'm complaining, but it's certainly not what I had expected.

In any event, even if I create a ridiculously awesome application, the chances of me actually getting into the Cadettes is slim to none. After taking a near-extensive read of the forums, it looks like there are many, many, many young women who send in submissions...and only 12 are chosen. AT RANDOM, no less. But it can't hurt to keep a positive attitude, right? ::sigh::

If I were lucky enough to be chosen for the Spring 2010 Class of Frag Doll Cadettes, then I'd have a very interesting choice to make. I can only guess at what is involved in being a Cadette, and I'm not even sure if it's a paid "internship." I'm guessing that I would need to relocate for the full 6 month duration of being a Cadette as well. Usually, this wouldn't be a problem - however, I now work full-time at a fantastic company in the area. Essentially, I've already started my career path - so, would I give it all up for a chance to get in to the gaming community?

Side note - I played Starcraft and Unreal Tournament at a LAN party this past Saturday. Although I did alright in Starcraft, I did much better in UT - which made me feel awesome. I take pride in my gaming ability, and to put my skills to the test after such a long time was quite nice :-) After all is said and done, the experience has left me craving more headshots and multikills than I would have thought. I truly enjoy that game, and I can't wait to find some time to play/practice/train more.

Well, I'll sign off for now - it's late and I've got work in the morning. But expect to see more posts from me here - I feel motivated and invigorated! Sweet gaming dreams to you all!


  1. You threw away Wynne's robes. Obviously, your gaming abilities are up in the air at this point.

  2. I'll have to do a lengthy post about this later, but in summary:

    I believe that all character types are entitled to, at a minimum, leather armor. I disagree with the idea that mages should only be allowed to wear cloth armor - therefore, I threw away Wynne's robes and gave her some sweet leather studded armor. BOOYAH.

  3. That selection process seems pretty whack. Twelve at random? Seriously? I would hope that the application packages actually come into consideration at that point, but still, seems like a mighty good way of making sure that there's a very minimal chance of selecting the most qualified applicants.

    So I guess the only thing I can say is I hope whatever algorithm they're using for random selection happens upon your application. Good luck (literally)!

  4. Thanks Sean,

    I agree, the selection process is a little crazy...but I suppose this is the most "fair" way.

    I'll be posting my application on this blog later - so at least you guys will be able to see it all and then agree that you'd "totally choose that girl" :D

  5. It would be silly if they didn't choose you for that program!

    I see you are still hurting people's feelings in UT.. I still want my rematch!

    I haven't played Dragon's Age.. My favorite game at the moment is Borderlands.