March 1, 2010

Anger Resurgence

Really, how user-UNfriendly can one system be?

I just received my new Xbox Live Gold membership in the mail today, and am getting ready to delete my current account so I can use the same Gamertag...when I'm on the Xbox Live website and I can't find a "delete account" section anywhere on the site. So, I check the forums. Turns out...there is NO way to delete an account. Um, excuse me?'re saying that in order for me to use the same gamertag on a different account, I have to:
  1. Pay MONEY to my current account (the one that I want to delete)
  2. Use that money to change my Gamertag to something else (like...Kimmington123)
  3. Then sign up the REAL Kimmington account (the one that is currently offline but has all my gamer stats) so that I can get the "Kimmington" gamertag
  4. And I can't even delete Kimmington123? EVER???
That's stupid. What a stupid system. Way to be totally awesome, Microsoft. Forget that.

Here's my solution: I'm going to have a private funeral for the Gamertag: Kimmington, which I will never be able to use on Xbox Live because I refuse to pay more money to fix this. IF POSSIBLE, please delete Kimmington from your friends list on Xbox Live. I will send you all a new friend request from whatever new Gamertag I create when I sign up the real "Kimmington" offline account to Xbox Live tonight.

Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. Oh, and /hate. Again, delete "Kimmington" from your friends list - that's no longer my Gamertag.


[Update...]\ gets worse.

So, I'm setting up my new account (NEW GAMERTAG: Selisona) when I hit an error during the account creation. I attempt to re-create my account about 5 times before I resign myself to the forums. Looks like it's not just me experiencing stupidness from Xbox Live, again. Turns out I have to create a whole new Windows Live email address and account before I can create a new Xbox Live account. Did I mention this is stupid?

So, it's up and running. I'll be friending you all (I saved all your Gamertags/PSN IDs in a word document) with this new gamertag, so please please please delete'll only clutter up your friends list (unless you want that +1 to popularity).

::sigh:: I hope this is the last of it...


  1. At least once you're in you're in with Xbox Live. There aren't many issues once you get through the craptastic account stuff. Also, in regards to the PSN thing from your last post, I thought you might want some more info. It's only affecting certain systems. Others are fine, mine for example. And the not logging into PSN is because Sony sucks balls at basic DR planning. If you log into PSN and it does affect your console or account, you could lose all your trophies and any save data stored over PSN for games. It won't mess with anything else thankfully.

  2. I generally find that its nice to have 2 accounts. Sometimes its nice to play and not worry about getting spammed game invites! :D

    Are you just going to let the 12 months die? O_o

  3. Thanks for the update on the PS3 issue - I didn't want to risk it, so I didn't even bother turning on my system. I'll wait until I know, for sure, that it's safe. I'm sorry to hear that everyone is having such a difficult time with it though...

    Sunie - Yeah, I'm going to let it die out. I really don't want any points to go on that account - I'd much rather improve my score on my *actual* account (again - Selisona is my new Gamertag).

    Stupid, stupid Xbox Live system...