March 9, 2010


I wrote a very long blog post last night all about BioShock 2, and the pros and cons of the game...only to click the "Publish Post" button and have the system send me an error message saying something about a "failure to post." I lost the entire thing, and I was too tired/frustrated to re-write it. So, here's a short recap of what I was going to say:

*Caution: May contain spoilers*

I love the BioShock series.

Pros of the game:

  • Level of detail in not only characters and backstory (the voice acting is very, very good), but also the creation and development of Rapture
  • Being a Big Daddy
  • Exploring the new levels
  • Listening to the audio diaries (I love them!)
Cons of the game:
  • Very similar story to the first one (New tyrant, splicers work for new tyrant, new tyrant is an enemy of Andrew Ryan..)
  • Surprising how easily the splicers are able to take down my Big Daddy, even with the suit and big guns (seems like you start with a very small health bar in the game)
  • Insufficient Funds - I'm roughly halfway through the game, and I'm just now getting enough $$$ to buy ammo and health kits
Creepiest parts of the game:
  • Walking around in near darkness with a flashlight (the bloody bodies everywhere doesn't help...)
  • So much water! For those of you who know me, I'm a terrible swimmer, so I'm already a little nervous around water in the real world. However, Duke Nukem totally ruined water in video games for me, so I'm even more paranoid...
  • Big Sisters, and their god-awful screams
  • The story is not as good as BioShock 1 (although, it's still pretty compelling)
  • Security Bots are the end-all, be-all (I sometimes set alarms off purely to summon security bots so I can hack them and have my army of 2 :D)
  • Can't wait for the BioShock Movie! If they actually make it, that is...
In other news, I've only played a tiny bit of Modern Warfare 2 recently, as I've been dedicating my time to fixing my car, spending time with my bestest while playing BioShock 2 (yeah, it's a team effort), and gearing up for joining PMS. Sadly, I missed the Pre-Recruitment meeting last Sunday due to being out of town with my boyfriend and best friend (yay for seeing plays in Philly!), so hopefully I can start the 8+ training hours per week next week. Don't get me wrong - I'm dedicated - but I feel like it's going to take me a little while to get used to this new addition..not to mention re-arranging my schedule....but I'm excited!


  1. I remember one part when I was entering a dilapidated apartment and I heard the slightest noise behind me. I immediately turned around and saw this Spider Splicer standing motionless, with with arms outstretched crucifix style, until I moved closer. Then it jumped up into a hole and ran away.

    I also beat a Big Sister with only one Medkit and only a full bar of Eve on Hard Difficulty. Yay for Hypnotize 3 and proximity of Big Daddies! I also name all my Sentry Bots after famous inventors...Because I am nerd.

  2. I HATE those Spider Splicers...super tall, super creepy...although super hilarious if you catch them crab-crawling on the ceiling, then hit them with inferno and they fall to the ground, on fire, but stuck in the same position...makes me laugh every time.

    I'm not able to name my security bots yet...but I think I just got that gene we'll see. Seriously though, the security bots save my life all the time. I love hacking things, and now that I get health for doing it too...

    Also - beat a Big Sister on HARD difficulty?! Nice :D