March 2, 2010

The Waiting Game

I'm really not trying to get my hopes up for this...but it's nearly all I think about. I'm literally refreshing my email every 5 minutes. I keep going back to the Frag Doll forums and re-reading what people post. Two Frag Dolls were even kind enough to post their "encouragement" of the forums as well, although their posts have made us all more nervous and excited. It would be nice to just know, and have it over and done with - whatever the outcome.

Random side note - I've been craving a good book to read. I'm thinking of re-starting the "Song of Fire and Ice" series, as I stopped halfway through the second book. I'm also getting excited about the HBO show based on the series...looks pretty intense! Although I'll most likely start that book series again, please feel free to leave comments and let me know of some other good books/authors I should look into :D

I guess that's all for now...I'll post an update if anything interesting happens on the Frag Doll front.

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  1. You can never go wrong with Paulo Coehlo or Osamu Tezuka.