February 17, 2010

Frag Doll Cadette Application...DONE!

As of 11:46 pm on February 16, 2010 - my Frag Doll Cadette application is complete and submitted! YAY! Now if only I could actually make it into the program... :-)

Overall, I'm pleased with my application. I wasn't too thrilled about my video interview at first, since I don't particularly like watching myself talk on tape, but my editor did an amazing job in putting it all together - THANK YOU! And more than anything, I'm happy that the application is in, if only a few days before the deadline. I'll be posting the video after the deadline - probably sometime this weekend (and you can totally tell how nervous I am in it!).

On a side note - a good friend of mine sent me this link, which I found extremely interesting. I really like this woman, and I think she's doing great work. Not only is she attempting to help bridge video games from being just a fun "pastime" into something that can help people in the real world, but she also seems to have a real keen grasp of how video games affect people psychologically - a topic that is near and dear to my heart. And so, if you have the time, please watch the short clip about her - she's fascinating!

That's all for now - I'm tired and work will start only too soon for me. Good night!

[Edit update: in reference to the link and Jane McGonigal...]
So...I re-watched the short clip of Jane McGonigal speaking on the cnn.com page - when a few of her phrases stuck out to me:
  1. "Video Games are teaching people how to stick with problems longer." & "People who are more accustomed to failing in the game world are less 'put-off' by failures in the real world...they are more likely to stick with tough problems until they find a satisfactory solution." - Now, I'm not sure if she made this up from personal experience or in speaking with industry associates and friends...but this makes perfect sense in my mind. If there is no research backing a statement like this...then I'd like to put my name in the drawing to conduct it! How fascinating would that be? If true, how great would that be?? I really like this idea, and I plan on looking into this statement further.
  2. Interaction through online gaming leads to an increase in social stamina, and therefore gamers are more likely to talk to someone face to face. - Now, I don't necessarily agree with this statement...I can believe that yes, gamers will easily talk with anyone online, since there is little to no accountability in some cases, thus making it easier to talk and speak your mind. However...face to face? If anyone has any insight to share on this fact, please feel free to comment. 
  3. Classifying difficult situations in life to "sub-boss" and "boss" battles. - Guilty. I've easily done this more than a dozen times. I agree that it makes things seem more interesting and has helped me get through some trying times. I also like to think that I "gain experience" when I engage in different activities, like working out, studying, completing work assignments...anyone else?


  1. I'm so envious! Everytime I try to record.. my video looks mad stupid! AHH! And plus.. I'd rather be playing HoN then trying to record myself, lol. Tomorrow is my personal deadline!

    And I'm sure you'll get it!! <3

  2. Thanks Sunie! And honestly, you make look "stupid" to yourself, but to everyone else your video is going to look great! Just be sure to get your application in soon - I hope you make it in!