February 22, 2010

Video Interview

Well, I was reluctant to post this video, especially after seeing a couple other Cadette application videos...but I figure it won't hurt anything (except perhaps my reputation as being a lean, mean, fighting machine) :-) So, here it is! Seriously, I look super nervous throughout the entire video. But again, thanks to my fantastic editor, the video looks much better than anything I could have put together on my own.

Women posting on the Frag Doll forums are speculating as to how many applications were submitted for this class of Cadettes...I honestly believe that anything below 100 is far too liberal. And, in order to not get my hopes up too high, I'd like to believe that there were perhaps 300 applications sent in....so my chances of getting one of the 12 spots out of 300 + applicants is very small. Oh random selection...I honestly don't know if this is better or worse than being chosen based on the application itself. Also, we're planning to do a Skype-conference type thing with some of the applicants - which I'm really excited for! It'd be great to talk to these girls "face-to-face" in a sense, instead of just talking through the forums.

Ok, aside from all the Frag Doll Cadette craziness - I ordered the final piece to my Xbox Live puzzle: the wireless adapter. I even ended up buying the A/B/G & N network one, which is apparently better and cooler and nicer and all that jazz. I'm very excited to set it all up and start playing online!

As for weekend game playing, I completed a few levels of Halo 3 in the campaign and played a bunch of games of Command & Conquer. I suppose I'll have to start playing against real people soon, and not just hard computers...but, I'll let you know how that goes when I get to that point ;-)


  1. Nice quaint video. You don't seem that nervous. The only bit of unprofessional comedic advice I have is ONLY USE STAR WIPES!?!??!?. Like that couch though. Looks like a big piece of milk chocolate dipped in caramel. Must find way to craft edible furniture now...

    I can't remember the last time I felt confident enough in an RTS to face actual people. The easy CPU opponent has been my pal for years. He's always so gentle with me, never rushing my base, or harassing my harvesting operations.

    Good Luck in the drawings!!!

  2. Your video was awesome!! And I do have to agree with the comment above mine.. I wanted to eat that couch, lol. It looked delicious and super comfortable! And you didn't seem nervous at all! And you're sooo friggen pretty! *_*!! I'm also super envious of your editing, my camera was so laggy, you couldn't tell I was blinking >_>.

    Once you start playing Halo online, add me! We can go own noobs together! :D I know Melonie also plays Halo a lot, so I'm sure she would join in as well. Maybe we can set up a time for that at the conference thingie. We also have a Frag Doll who wants to particpate as well!

  3. Dirune - Hahaha yes, that is my official gaming couch. I've spent so many hours there just playing games. What you don't see in the video is the huge 60+" tv on the right, or the massive wall of board games on the left... :D Oh, and please let me know when you make edible furniture, I'll be sure to decorate my entire living space with it...also - great business idea, since people would have to keep buying new furniture after eating all their original stuff! Genius ;D

    Sunie - Awww thanks hon! I was super nervous throughout the entire thing, but I'm glad it only comes across as a little nervous. I was very fortunate to have my boyfriend/editor there with me, doing all the lighting and filming for me. But he also made me nervous, so I had to keep re-stating things and re-starting, it was ridiculous :D I'm sure yours turned out better than you think - and it doesn't matter since now you're in the random drawing! But seriously, I really hope you make it, as well as the other girls....really, why can't they just take all of us? I'll keep reading the forums to find out when our skype party is!

  4. Hey, I sent you the link to my video on the forums, don't laugh too hard! :D