February 16, 2010

Katsucon 16

I've been staffing Katsucon for the entire weekend, and I've finally found enough time (and free wi-fi) to post an update. Let me just say...it has been ridiculous. We've had a drug bust, some very drunk Navy personnel (from the Navy formal going on in the same building), some very drunk adults who were claiming someone tried to sell them pills, a lot of "pick-up" lines and "hit-on's", a sh*t-ton of coats, a few GP patrons....and most importantly, a very special visit from my very special Valentine :-D

I'll update this post later with pictures from the con...but I've had a tough time getting pictures since I've been working almost 24/7. But, the attendees seem to be having a good time, and I suppose that's important.  But man....there are some crazy, crazy people here.

[Update: Pictures from Katsucon...]
(The Gaylord Resort & Convention Center - where Katsucon was held) - Photo taken by K. Wick

(Looking at the Lobby of the Gaylord - beautiful!) - Photo taken by K. Wick

(Ninja Power Ranger...chillin) - Photo taken by K. Wick

(Con-attendees waiting in line for the Formal Dance)

(More attendees waiting for the Formal to begin)


(Fallout 3, anyone?)

(I don't know anime well enough to know where these two are from...)

(Same with this one - neat outfits, no idea where they're from)

(Storm Troopers!)

(Valentine's Day attendees)

(More attendees)

(From the left: Ken, Me, Christine, Matt - all behind the Volunteers booth) - Photo taken by K. Wick

I apologize for some of the photos - the ones in the middle were taken by me as I was behind the Volunteers booth. Also - check out K. Wick's blog HERE! He's a very good friend of mine, and very into video games :D

My only thought coming away from this Con is - "I just wanna dance. Forget anime tonight guys, I just wanna dance."

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  1. SO sad I didn't see you doing Katsucon! I was working in the maid cafe the whole time, so I guess our paths just didn't cross. I love your blog though and can't wait to hear if you make it into the frag dolls!