February 16, 2010

New York, New York

Hello all!

So...how about this snow on the East Cost, huh? Thankfully, I spent the last four days in New York where not a single snowflake touched the city. Although this post doesn't particularly talk about games or gaming, I would like to recap my experiences in the Big Apple, as some of it is nerdy, and dorky, and downright awesome.

Left work early on Friday and spent the entire afternoon driving to NYC, where we stashed my car in a parking lot, checked into the Hotel (DoubleTree Metropolitan Hotel on 51st and Lexington), and spent the rest of the evening looking around Grand Central Station and Times Square. [Nerd alert #1] - Spent ALL Saturday at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Why, you ask? They have an entire wing dedicated to "Arms and Armor" - filled with weapons (swords, guns, glaives, halberds, you name it!) and armor. I had been there once before a few years back, and it was just as amazing as I had remembered it.

[Update: Pictures from the Met...]




Now...if you're not from NYC, or you're not used to the travel pattern there, let me inform you - there is a TON of walking. Or subway-ing, if you prefer. So, by the time Sunday came around, I was dead tired. Forget watching the SuperBowl (congrats Saints) - we went out to eat lunch/breakfast (FYI - it is nearly impossible to find breakfast served after 11 am in the city) and then came back for a loooong nap....only in preparation for [Nerd alert #2] - NINJA NEW YORK! This place is amazing - from ninja magic to surprise attacks to great food, the place really had everything a (nerd)girl could ask for :D

[Update: Pictures from NINJA New York...]
(One of the walls in our "Ninja Room")

(The drink and dinner menus...and my drink :D)

(My first course - Ceaser Salad in Ninja bowl)

(My second course - Shrimp Tempura, Ninja style)

(My third course - Chicken Terriyaki - delicious!)

Monday was a packed day of walking around to all sorts of places in NYC - first with lunch in Grand Central Station, then onto Crumbs, a bakery that sells giant, delicious cupcakes (yummmmm). Afterwards, we traveled to the [Nerd alert #3] - Nintendo store in Rockefeller Center. What a neat place with all sorts of Nintendo games, gamers, and Nintendo history - they even had a Game Boy that was damaged in the Gulf War...that still works! Impressive :D After a quick stop for some lunch, we headed back Uptown to visit the famed "Serendipity 3" restaurant - home of the famous Frozen Hot Chocolate AND the $1,000.00 Golden Opulence Sundae...

[Update: Pictures from the Nintendo Store and Serendipity...]

(The Nintendo World storefront)

(More of the storefront)

(Chandelier in Serendipity)

(Menu cover with the story of the founding of Serendipity)

(Frozen Hot Chocolate)

(The two of us :D)

After checking this place out, we headed to our final destination...[Nerd alert #4] - the Utada Hikaru "In The Flesh" concert!!!!!!! Aside from waiting for two hours in line in the freezing cold of New York, and then finally getting into the venue and through coat check only to be forced to the back of a huge crowd of people (where someone tiny like me can't see a thing), the concert was fantastic. I didn't get to see Utada Hikaru as much as I would have liked, but her music was great and the crowd was totally digging it. I've waited for years to see her in person - Yay Utada!!!

[Update: Pictures from the Utada Hikaru concert...]

(The Fillmore)

(Me, waiting in line excitedly)

Now I am back at home, finishing up some work, and will then proceed to play Dragon Age in the hopes of finishing it tonight. In the back of my mind I realize that BioShock 2 was released today, and it's taking all my ninja-mental-training not to run out and get it now. 

As soon as I get my SD card back for my camera, I'll post pictures of my trip on Facebook and perhaps here. If you're interested in seeing NINJA-AWESOMENESS, check back here for picture updates ;-) [PICTURES UPLOADED!!!]


  1. Glad you had a great time, also that Sundae is not appealing at all. I prefer platinum on my desserts thank you very much :P

  2. I prefer diamonds. Not only is it ballin, but it makes my doodie twinkle.

  3. Are you on Utadanet? :O