February 24, 2010


My wireless adapter for the xbox should be arriving either today or tomorrow, which means that I need YOUR gamertags! Please leave comments (or contact me personally) with your tags here, and I'll be sure to add you via the xbox live website before the adapter gets here. I only have 2 friends as of now - and I'd like more! Also, I'd appreciate any Playstation Network IDs as well....and can you add friends to the Wii? I rarely play that system, but I'll add you on there as well!

In addition to this, please leave me comments with any recommendations of games I should get for xbox live playing/training. I have all the Halo games, Modern Warfare 2 should be arriving in the mail today, and I'm already scoping out prices for Left 4 Dead 2...any other big ones I'm missing for sweet, sweet multiplayer action?

Side note - I finished Dragon Age Origins last night...and I'm a little disappointed in the ending I got. Sure, BioWare is known for throwing "curve-balls," but good grief. Also, the very end was pretty predictable. I guess what I'm getting at is if I'm playing a good character and I'm making sure I choose all the "good" options when decision making....I should at least have a chance at a good ending. Oh well, maybe I'll pick it up again within the year and see if I get a different ending. But as of tonight I'll be attempting to finish Uncharted 2, start Mass Effect 2...or perhaps play with some of you guys on Xbox Live! :-)


  1. you may start mass effect 2, but don't finish uncharted 2!!! I want to watch it with you and make fun of the skanky smoker voice girl!


  2. You should probably invest in some fighting games. I don't really have any, but I would guess if you are a frag doll, I'm assuming you are going to get in, fighting games would be a definite. They are probably the closest thing to true competition between two people for video games. Anyway if you decide on getting one I personally think Dead or Alive 4 is the best of all fighting games. Let me know if you get that because if you do I might have to get it myself. Also I already posted this on facebook, but my gamertag is Koufopulus and when I get my PS3 I'll let you know that one.


  3. Thanks Alex! I'll definitely have to look into getting some fighting games. I know my personal favorite is Soul Calibur, but I believe I only have the 3rd and not the 4th...something to consider! :D

    I'll let you know if I end up getting Dead or Alive 4..I think I even played that game at one point. Also, thanks for your confidence in my ability to get randomly selected for the Frag Doll Cadettes. I'll know next week!

  4. Soul Calibur of course. How could I forgot your love of weaponry, specifically swords? Also I was thinking last night that since you love Aliens, you might want to get AVP. I've heard good reviews for multiplayer and the original was one of the best I ever played. But if you decide to get that one you should get it for PS3, since that's what I was going to get. But I'll let you know about that.

    Also, as random as they say it is, there is no way it can be. Could you imagine they "randomly" select some girl who doesn't really play games, was completely disrespectful on the video and let's say bathes once a week, just to throw in something obscure? Plus you can look at the website and all of the girls are pretty. No way that is a coincidence. So I have to say you've got a very good chance.

    And sorry to hear about your problems with xbox live. I actually had the same thing happen to me with the gamerscore stuff and not being able to change my gamertag without paying $20 or whatever it is. This is just one of those times where Microsoft likes to stick it where you don't want it. :-/