February 2, 2010

So many games, so little time...

At this point, I'm rushing through Dragon Age - I have so little time to get personal things done after work, and my list of games grows a little longer each day... and so I must hurry. I dislike this, since I really enjoy playing the game. I love to explore everything, visit every place, see what every item does, and talk to every person available. But I suppose this is mostly in RPG's, as I act like a speed-demon in FPS's. Perhaps I'm also feeling confined because I've never had such a rigid work schedule before. Sure, college classes were set in stone and I kept myself busy while there, and my past occupation at GP was (and still is...kinda) a 24/7 job, but nothing has been quite as taxing as this. I love it, but oh, what I wouldn't give for a "winter" or "summer" break.

Fidget, one of the Frag Dolls, posted on the Frag Doll site today about her views on the trash-talking she's encountered during her online gaming sessions. This meshes almost perfectly with my honors theory, and has had me thinking about re-starting my research all day. I'm hesitant to go into more detail about it yet, since I really want to have the survey complete and online before I try to explain it. On the surface, however, my theory deals with a potential reason as to why there aren't more women playing games online* - this reason being the negative behaviors that women experience from men during online game play...one of which being trash-talking. It's nice (and sad) to know that other women have experienced these things as well.

What types of behaviors do you all experience in multiplayer games?

* Yes, I know there are lots of women that play video games now. But there is still a number gap, and this is just a theory.


  1. It would appear from your details that women don't like the smack talk from other players. To guys, this is part of the fun. The more you insult the other, the more fun it is on both ends. Women, who take things more personal, can easily get offended from such and only wish to play a game in fun; not warranting any vacal slander coming their way.

    My two cents, learn to build a thick layer of skin and realize nothing said is meant as a personal attack but part of the "house" rules of the group.

  2. I have a female PSN Home character that I use to amuse myself whenever I boot up Home. In fact I've designed everything about her, including her text colors and conversation mannerisms to reflect an archetypal female intellectual.

    If I just sit somewhere public and pretend to be mildly inquisitive into anyone who comes up to me I get friend requests in mere minutes. It also helps to tell anyone that I'm from "all around" when they ask me the typical a/s/l deal. Men seem to find a mysterious woman extremely alluring. I try hard to never give clear answers and remain intentionally vague throughout any conversation. The massive results of male interest are simply astonishing.

    I can't say that I've received a negative experience from men (or at least male Home avatars). I'm just impressed at how easy it is to be noticed when I use an attractive female avatar who feigns a flirtatious outgoing nature.

  3. Anonymous - Actually, I believe that women do just fine with smack talk. However, my theory deals with the notion that women who are *potential* gamers (i.e. those girls that know of it but haven't tried it, or are just entering the gaming world) can be turned away from (video) gaming due to the negative behaviors that men exhibit during online game play...trash talking being only one of many possible behaviors. But..that's for a later post :D

    Dirune - When I worked at GP, I would see this ALL the time - guys would make female avatars not only to "look at" constantly while they played, but they actually exploited this fact (what you've experienced) and used other men online to gain things, like help in quests or great in-game items that other guys would just give them...thinking that a girl was playing the girl avatar. Fascinating, really.

  4. I usually play female avatars in games like Quake and UT because the character models have smaller hitboxes. :\

  5. I personally love a good trash talking session, lol. I usually only do it if I'm on an AKA, or playing without anyone that knows me.. :D

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